The Essentials of an Effective CV

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The Essential Elements of an Effective CV:

Your CV (or Resume) is a short synopsis of your life history,  the information should include;

a) Personal Details.  

b) Career Objective.

c) Work Experience.

d) Education Details.

e) Training Courses.

f) Interests. 

g) Referees.  

 Attach a passport size photograph to the top (right-hand side) of the document.

Compile the CV in Microsoft Word using ordinary black text, tabs, bullet-points and paragraphs.

Do not use  text boxes, columns or graphics.

Personal details: list the following; First Name, Surname,  Home Address, Email Address, Home & Mobile Phone Numbers, Date of Birth, Gender, Occupation, Nationality, Marital Status, Legal Status, i.e., work permit. Availability – i.e. notice period,

Career Objective. This is a short paragraph that tells the reader the type of job you are interested in and how your experience and skills are relevant to the position.  This helps to focus the CV. You can edit this text to  suit different jobs that you may be applying for.

Work Experience: Start with you current or most recent employment. Give Start dates and Finish dates for each period of employment. (Month & Year) State the Name & Address of the company and what they do, (Products / Services etc.) give the reader a sense of the business you were involved in. State your position in the company (Job Title) and list your duties and responsibilities. State your reason for leaving.

Education: List most recent education and qualifications first, working back to secondary level. Give start and finish dates for each academy attended (Month & Year). Only list results of exams if you are a school leaver with little or no work experience.

Training Courses: list any job-related training courses that you attended. 

Hobbies & Interests: It’s good to let the reader know what interests you have outside of work. This should be a short list – do not go into too much detail.

Referees:  Give the name, job title, company details, email address  and contact number for at least two of your most recent employers. Do not list TDs, Senators, Family Members etc. All referees should be relevant to your working background and you should obtain their permission before putting their details on your CV.