25 Ways To Wreck Your Brand Without Even Trying

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You get an enquiry 
But don’t respond. 

You think you are a leader 
But confuse it with management. 

You do the easy thing 
But know what the right thing is. 

You get a hopeful CV 
But “it’s not my problem” 

You get a CV 
But don’t bother to say no. 

You believe in training 
But don’t invest in your people. 

You get an invitation 
But don’t bother to RSVP. 

You are asked for a proposal 
But roll out a standard form. 

You get a message someone called 
But don’t think it’s worth your while to reply. 

You are offered something with compliments 
But don’t make the effort to go. 

You are given some free wisdom 
But you are too lazy to read it. 

You listen to new trends and expertise 
But think it doesn’t apply to you. 

Your staff are causing trouble. 
But you think firing them is the answer. 

You know your staff don’t like you 
But you continue to spy on them. 

You learn something precious 
But keep it to yourself. 

You pretend to be humble 
But your team know better. 

You write in reply to something 
But your letter reveals more than you thought. 

You are cross with a supplier 
But the email you write damages you instead. 

You talk a lot 
But can’t listen. 

You talk about yourself 
But have no interest in the audience. 

You pretend you are driven by excellence 
But really just love money. 

You promise everything 
But deliver very little. 

You build your business for yourself 
But forget who fuels it. 

You think you are great 
But fail to understand true humility. 

You care about now 
But forget about legacy.